Films, films, films, and more films, is what most teenagers take to and I was no different. Just that as time rolled by, subconsciously my favourite past time was slowly transforming into a passion and when I realized the difference between the two, my path towards my future was mapped.

Having understood that cinema was where my heart was, a career decision to be in films was no surprise. But initially I was clueless about which aspect of film making I would fit into. Nevertheless followed my heart, therefore after graduating in from the university of Kerala in 2002, I did a course in media technology. It was here that the interest in editing developed, as I edited the short films of my batch mates. And then as they say there was no looking back.

Mere interest alone cannot shape any career. It can only kick start it, to fuel and nurture and passion, you have to be in an ambience that will transport you to the celestial world of the stars and make believe. Well destiny had great plans for me and with the aid of a few good souls ,I landed in the good hands of ace editor Mr. A.Sreekar Prasad.

In the confines of Sreekar visions is where I was consumed with the magic of editing. I started my career as an assistant to nani sir, as he is fondly referred to, in the year 2005 with the film “ Gandhi my father”. And from there on started a wonderful journey. These five years will always remain the most precious years of my life. I was born ,as my birth certificate reads in the year 1981, but it is what I learnt through these years under nani sir’s guidance that has given me the identity that I am today, and I was reborn as editor Bavan 2010.

Technically speaking at nani sir’s studio I had mastered the AVID . But far more important was what I understood about the soul of editing. That editing is not merely a cutting and assembling job, but a craft of story telling which supports the screenplay and flow of a film.

Am at the threshold of a wonderful life, because I belong to the world of dream merchants. As they weave their mesmerizing magic, I want to give each of their dreams a beautiful shape and finish, so that the viewer will be transported to a seamless dream.